Welcome to Saigon Saigon

Vietnam - a land of vibrant cultures, vivid contrasts, and an intricate history gives way to some of the most delicious and intriguing food in the world.

A colonial background of China and then France, food of Vietnam was the first true fusion cuisine, blending the techniques and ingredients of France and Chinese culinary traditions - Vietnam has created a cuisine with a spirit and a flavour all its own.

Our chefs refer to their cooking as “the nouvelle cuisine of Asia.” Our dishes rely on abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables, the use of contrasting flavours, varied textures, exotic ingredients, a minimal use of oil, and meat as a condiment rather then a main course - with all this combined, our cuisine is amongst the tastiest and healthiest.

Our interior combines modern furniture with dark wooden flooring, bamboo partitions, walls adorned with traditional carvings and black & white photography from 1940’s Saigon all add to the elegant surroundings to transport you to Vietnam and ensure that your experience at Saigon Saigon will be most memorable.

We at Saigon Saigon will provide you with all the pleasures of the Vietnamese table, a captivating taste of an irresistible cuisine.